Why The Forge Works?

Forge Your Way To Success

The Forge Works coworking is a new coworking space located in the Burren Lowlands, in Gort, Co. Galway.

Our central location close to excellent transport connections. The Forge Works coworking space is modernly designed with attention to detail. We offer flexible rates and meeting rooms of different sizes and types to fullfil different coworker needs. Our coworkers community is more than a workplace, we believe that people are the ones to turn a place into the space for creativityinnovation and productivity.

If you are an independent professionalfreelancerstart-upPYME or digital nomad, join us at The Forge Works.

Events & Online Training

Forge Works will offer online training courses and coworking space to help people in our community to upskill and find sustainable remote employment. Following the impact of Covid-19, we’ve redesigned our coworking space, which features an innovative office plan and caters for safe, secure remote working and videoconferencing.

Remote Work

Rapid technological change has left many unequipped for remote working. We will demystify remote work for this group, identify the transferable skills they already have, equip them with the competencies needed to find remote work, and help connect them with opportunities. Forge Works will offer practical training and mentoring, along with desk space and Internet connectivity for those who prefer to work in an office setting. In our centre they can work independently – but not alone.

COVID-19 Mitigation

The centre has nine individual booths, each with its own air supply, filtration and extraction system. As you see here, filtered air comes in from the ceiling vent, exits through a lower vent, and is extracted to the outside. So you have your own clean air supply. At the same time, the booths are designed to be light and bright, and to allow you to see the other people working around you, so you won’t feel isolated.

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