What are Forge Works’ Covid-19 Mitigation Measures?

The management requires all persons entering the coworking space to adhere to the Irish government’s Covid-19 mitigation measures at all times. On arrival to the centre you must first have your temperature checked at our temperature scanner, then proceed to the handwashing station, and wash your hands thoroughly before entering. The centre provides individual booths, each with its own air filtration system, and a one-way system for foot traffic indoors, to avoid crossing paths with others. Before and after using your booth, you must sanitise your work station with the provided cleaning products. Management is responsible for regular sanitising of equipment and common areas (kitchen and toilet). Only one person at a time is allowed in each common area, and must wipe it down with the provided cleaning products before and after each use. Handshaking and sharing of pens, bottles or cups are not permitted.

Are the facilities secure?

We endeavour to provide the best possible security at the premises. The facility is locked and alarmed. Each weekly and monthly member is given a contactless entry fob, which is activated upon payment for each period of occupancy, and the current alarm code. Alarm codes are changed at regular intervals.

Is my coworking space fully furnished?

Yes. Each booth has a desk big enough for two screens, a swivel chair with arms, professional lighting, and a roll-down green screen.

Is IT Support Included?

We provide you with secure, business-class high-speed Internet service and WLAN.

What other facilities are available?

Our kitchen has a microwave, dishwasher, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities. We provide a wide selection of black, green and herbal teas, instant coffees, sugar, semi- skimmed and full-cream milk, and oat milk. A locker is provided for each member, so you can store your own food and condiments, or other personal items, if you like. We ask only that you comply with our usage and cleaning policy, to protect others’ health and your own.

What does 'coworking' mean?

Coworking means that you work in the space surrounded by other co-workers working on their own projects - independently, but not alone.

How much is the rent?

€15 per day / €60 per week / €200 per month, inclusive of utilities and Internet service. Click here to access the membership page.

Do I need to sign a contract?

There is no long-term contract. You need only read and accept the Forge Works Agreement and abide by our policies. We require photo identification and two proofs of address prior to working in Forge Works

Is a deposit required?

No deposit is required.

How much notice do I need to provide to vacate my space?

For monthly occupancy, one month prior to your next billing date. For weekly occupancy, one week prior to your next billing date. Daily use is pay-as-you-go.

Do I need insurance?

The Forge Works facility is insured for public liability. Each member is responsible for their own business insurance.

I'm ready! Where do I start?

Read and complete the Forge Works Agreement form (link to join page) and upload your photo ID and two proofs of address. We’ll review it and if everything is in order, we’ll give you a membership number within two working days. Once you have your member number, you can book a workspace

If I’m working outside normal office hours, who do I contact in the event of any problems?

Contact Laura, the office manager. Laura lives in Gort, only 5 minutes away from the office. If she’s not available, someone else will be on call.

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