How To License A Product Idea With Stephen Key And Andrew Krauss, Co-Owners Of Inventright USA

Join us to discover the pathway to bringing your product from an idea stage to market via licensing. The world’s leading experts from Inventright USA will talk about the journey and the steps to take when licensing a product and bring it to market. Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are the Co-Founders of Inventright USA.
We’ve been helping people bring their ideas for new products to market for nearly 20 years. We love teaching inventors how to profit from their ingenuity through licensing, including how to find companies that will want to license their ideas, how to protect their ownership of said ideas, and how to negotiate the best licensing deals possible. When you become our member, we coach you every step of the way.
We partnered together in 1999 to create a one-on-one coaching program based on the simple 10-step method invented by Stephen Key. We’re all about education, because our goal is to empower our members to continue licensing their invention ideas for years to come after they graduate from working with us. We are not middlemen, nor an invention submission company. The royalties you earn will always stay 100 percent your own.
Becoming an entrepreneur is about taking control of your destiny. We are here to support you over every roadblock and provide you with the insight you need at exactly the right time. Words frequently used described to our one-of-a-kind bootcamp: Life-changing, empowering, and priceless.
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